My name is Lina, and this is my very literal interpretation of geek chic.


A woman hitting a neo-nazi with her handbag, Sweden, 1985. The woman was reportedly a concentration camp survivor.




Steve Irwin in a Jaeger would be entertaining.

Look over there. There’s a Catergory 3 Kaiju. Biggest one yet. 

Ah’m gonna wrassle with it. 

#yeah but who’s his drift partner. a crocodile. just a crocodile. its not a special or humanoid croc its literally just a croc strapped in.


Deadpool vs Comic-Con 2014 - Video


make me choose:
↳ sameoldsorceress asked: natalie dormer or natalie dormer



Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1: Best of Leo Fitz


Three Times Chris Evans Touched Jeremy Renner’s Left Boob at SDCC 2014

…And One Time Jeremy Touched His



one of my favorite things at sdcc this year was watching the counter to the “christian” demonstrators that crop up in front of the con

a group of chthulu worshippers was preaching about chthulu and their ending line was “know chthulu. know madness. no chthulu? no madness.”

a rundown of the last four days

I got fired
I got a virus, and my computer guy has to re-install my operating system and he’s on vacation so I don’t have a computer
I got in a fight with my mom that ended with me being homeless, a situation since tensely rectified
I found out I had a ComicCon ticket for Friday instead of Saturday

so it’s v good that I got my Captain America hoodie and otherwise had a lovely time at the con (thanks to a woman who left early on Sunday) bc I’m just about ready to fling myself into the sun

it’s  ov e r  now… what have you  d o n e ?